[Marxism] North Sudan retreats while Israel, the US, and their Ethiopian mercenaries advance into South Sudan- News items about Africa's newest nation

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July 28, 2011 (JUBA) – The newly born Republic of South Sudan has officially established full diplomatic ties with the state of Israel three weeks after it became independent, revealed the caretaker minister of information, Banaba Marial Benjamin.

"The cooperation between the states will be based on the firm foundations that guide them in forming friendly ties, out of equality and mutual respect," Israeli foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said in a statement.
Two weeks ago, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held talks by phone with South Sudan president, Salva Kiir, offering Israeli help in the areas of infrastructure, development and agriculture.

South Sudan establishes full diplomatic relations with Israel 
UNITED NATIONS — The United States said on Thursday it submitted a draft resolution to the U.N. Security Council that would authorize the deployment of 4,200 Ethiopian troops to Sudan's disputed Abyei region.

Ending civil war hasn't worked out like Sudan had hoped

Far from reaping peace and development for overseeing the partition of his country, Bashir now controls a smaller, weaker version of Sudan besieged by a uniting rebel front and a collapsing economy.
The U.S. government hasn't lifted sanctions imposed on Sudan as a state sponsor of terrorism, one of the promises that allowed both the Bush and Obama administrations to broker and then shepherd the peace agreement that led to South Sudan's independence.
Making matters worse, Sudan's finance minister estimates that the country faces a 36 percent future drop in revenues because of the loss of South Sudan's oilfields.
Petition to world leaders about current government of South Sudan's war crimes published on http://www.similarsites.com/goto/www.southsudannation.com ...which is a major website for those who advocated independence for South Sudan!      

President Barack Obama, President of the United States of America
Mr. Dmitry Medvedev, the President of Russia
Mr. Hu Jintao, President of the People Republic of China
Mr. David Cameron, Prime Minster of United Kingdom
Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the French Republic
Mr. Stephen Harper, Prime Minster of Canada
Mr. Ban Kimoon, UN Secretary General
Date 30/05/’11
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