[Marxism] Ralph Nader, What Will this Chronically Disillusioned, Delusional Democrat do in 2012?

Dan DiMaggio dan.dimaggio at gmail.com
Sat Jul 30 13:25:19 MDT 2011

Pinchy Way wrote,
"Mark, you see an identity of purpose between yourself and Nader, but
Nader doesn't. You think that he is trying to destroy the Democrats
and move the country forward, but Nader doesn't support that. You
don't seem to get that though? You seem to think that Nader is out
there working to build alternative structure when he definitely is
not. He hasn't done any of this work, and it is no accident. He
doesn't want to lead in building a Movement outside the two party
system Permanently. He merely wants to pressure pressure pressure the
Democrats to move away from their current hardcore centrism."

Pinchy, have you ever heard of dialectics?

By the way I'm happy to have helped write this before the 2008
elections: http://socialistminnesota.org/2007/12/17/why-ralph-nader-should-run-for-president-in-2008/

Snidely yours,

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