[Marxism] Israel: Housing protests break out

Stuart Munckton stuartmunckton at gmail.com
Sat Jul 30 19:04:15 MDT 2011

It is not Green Left's insistence, it is a comment made in the article by
the author, who just returned from Israel. The author, a long-time
Australian Palestine solidarity activist who went to Israel after being on
the Gaza flotila stuck in Greece, submitted the article to us and it
included that assessment.

The article was in interesting account of an interesting phenomena from
someone who was there. The assessment is the author's not GLW's -- signed
articles reflect the views of the authors.

Personally, I suspect it is still not right to phrases it as categorically
as that. I suspect it would be more accurate to say it has the potential to
cause a wider questioning of the occupation. But it may well be "a matter of
time" before the question is posed in one way or another, an the outcome of
that is probably unlikely to be straightforward one way or another.

But there is certainly no "GLW insistence" on this one way or another. If
your interpretation is different from the author's, feel free to comment
under it at the site.

GL co-editor

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