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August 1, 2011 -- Monthly Review Press has kindly given permission to 
/Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal/ to publish *"The 
growth imperative of capitalism"*, an exclusive excerpt from Fred 
Magdoff and John Bellamy Foster's just released /*What every 
environmentalist needs to know about capitalism*/.

*John Bellamy Foster* will be a featured international guest at 
the*second World at a Crossroads: Climate Change -- Social Change 
Conference <http://climatechangesocialchange2011.wordpress.com/>*, 
Friday, September 30 -- Monday, October 3, 2011, Melbourne University.

*Readers of /Links/ are also urged to purchase copies of */*What every 
environmentalist needs to know about capitalism*//;/*click HERE to 
order. <http://monthlyreview.org/press/books/pb2419/>*

There is a growing consensus that the planet is heading toward 
environmental catastrophe: climate change, ocean acidification, ozone 
depletion, global freshwater use, loss of biodiversity and chemical 
pollution all threaten our future unless we act. What is less clear is 
how humanity should respond. The contemporary environmental movement is 
the site of many competing plans and prescriptions, and composed of a 
diverse set of actors, from militant activists to corporate chief 

This short, readable book is a sharply argued manifesto for those 
environmentalists who reject schemes of "green capitalism" or piecemeal 
reform. Environmental and economic scholars Fred Magdoff and John 
Bellamy Foster contend that the struggle to reverse ecological 
degradation requires a firm grasp of economic reality. Going further, 
they argue that efforts to reform capitalism along environmental lines 
or rely solely on new technology to avert catastrophe misses the point. 
The main cause of the looming environmental disaster is the driving 
logic of the system itself, and those in power---no matter how 
"green"---are incapable of making the changes that are necessary.

/What Every Environmentalist Needs To Know about Capitalism/ tackles the 
two largest issues of our time, the ecological crisis and the faltering 
capitalist economy, in a way that is thorough, accessible, and sure to 
provoke debate in the environmental movement.

Excerpt at http://links.org.au/node/2429


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