[Marxism] "The Bolsheviks and Nationalism: Four Cogent Comments"

John Riddell johnriddell at sympatico.ca
Sun Jul 31 15:09:54 MDT 2011

Dear friends, 

My article "Nationality's role in social liberation: the Soviet legacy" drew
four comments, each of which raises an important issue. They take up (1)
Soviet attitudes to Sharia-based customary law; (2) the consistency of
Lenin's thought; (3) the role of the Jewish Bund; and (4) the results of
Soviet rule in Armenia. 

I have posted the comments, plus a few remarks of my own, to my website. See

For a full listing of communist history working papers posted to date, see
The next instalment will examine alternative texts of the Communist
International's call for workers' governments.

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John Riddell

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