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Welcome to Swans Commentary http://www.swans.com/  August 1, 2011

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Note from the Editors:   As we put this edition together, US legislators 
are behind closed doors compromising away the economy and the well being 
of the majority of its citizens in favor of the elite. Once again, the 
threat of a looming crisis is being used to implement an agenda -- 
recall 9/11 and the freedoms we forfeited in the name of "security"? And 
yet, on what will the elite enrich themselves after they've completely 
bankrupted the people? Whether the leaders that are perpetuating this 
self-destructing spiral are clueless or malevolent is a question that 
Gilles d'Aymery poses in Part I of his analysis on the ongoing financial 
and economic crisis. Our leaders would be well advised to scrutinize his 
shocking assessment. Meanwhile, another shocker is the source of funding 
behind the Stanford Prison Experiment, which Michael Barker reveals in 
Part III on his series examining this manufactured abusive prison 
environment whose impact reverberates to this day.

Reaching for the book, Louis Proyect's experience with schizophrenia in 
loved ones gives him an appreciation for Henry's Demons: Living with 
Schizophrenia: a Father and Son's Story, which illuminates one of 
society's most intractable and least understood public health problems. 
Peter Byrne continues to read Michel Houellebecq -- his reviews make you 
wonder why, but for the joy of the critique, and critique he does well. 
Next, Karen Moller gives us a heartrending preview of her upcoming 
novel, Forbidden Play.

For a bit of humor, consider Charles Marowitz's insightful interview 
with Barack Obama and the legend he is defining as we speak. In the 
poetry corner, we feature Raju Peddada and a collection of multilingual 
thoughts that Guido Monte jots on little pieces of paper. We return to 
Gilles d'Aymery and his Blips on the far right's call for the 
destruction of the other and the lunatics that respond; the Project on 
Government Secrecy and the Obama administration's silencing of 
whistleblowers; to his sensational birthday followed by an equally 
joyful visit from brother Femi Akomolafe, and more. Your letters on 
Isidor Saslav, overconsumption, conservation, and debt and spending 
round out this issue. All that, and the legislators have yet to emerge 
with a plan...

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