[Marxism] What is Robert Bryce doing on Counterpunch?

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To put things in perspective it is enlightening to consult
<http://www.bmreports.com/bsp/bsp_home.htm), the tabulation of UK o=power
sources (constantly updated), which shows, despite all the talk, cash and
promotion invested that electrical power was sontributed in the last 24
hours by GAS (CCGT) 44.4%; COAL 30,5%; MUCLEAR 21%, HYDRO 0.8%, SOLAR 0.7%;
WIND 0.5%.   Clearly n other days outputs from WIND & OLAR are sometimes
somewhat higher (but rarely approaching 5% in total), and recall, that
because their outputs depend entirely on the current weather and its
vagaries, require constant backup from GAS, COAL & NUCLEAR to keep power
supplies always available.  

I doubt that usage figures for the US are greatly different from those in
the UK.  

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An old friend alerted me to the presence of Robert Bryce's 
articles on Counterpunch. Bryce is the author of "Power Hungry: 
The Myths of 'Green' Energy and the Real Fuels of the Future", a 
book that you can figure out what it is about from the scare 
quotes around Green. Apparently, according to the blurb, on 
Amazon.com, Bryce rules out wind and solar power as ineffective 
and insists that "The world isn't using too much oil. It's not 
using enough". Furthermore:

	Bryce makes a strong case for heavier reliance upon natural gas, 
a relatively clean and readily available carbon fuel, as a bridge 
technology: "The smartest, most forward-looking U.S. energy policy 
can be summed up in one acronym: 'N2N'," for "natural gas to 
nuclear power."


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