[Marxism] Gilbert Achcar interview

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Sep 1 13:07:39 MDT 2011

On 8/28/2011 3:14 AM, Joaquín Bustelo wrote:
> On East Timor, I'm not sure why Louis raises this from 12 years
> ago. But he "forgets" that the Cubans took a position similar to
> mine. It wasn't just me and the DSP.

At this stage of the game, I wonder why anybody can say things 
like "the Cubans took a position similar to mine" as if that would 
impress me.

> He adds that "Meanwhile, he uses the same kind of language as Andy
> to describe those comrades in Solidarity who agree with Achcar,"
> meaning terms like "imperialist stooge," "criminal,"
> "unprincipled," etc.
> That is simply false.

No, you just write baiting bullshit like this:

> PS: It is *absolutely not true* that I'm writing new lyrics to another
> one of Phil Ochs's songs and it will be called, "Love Me, I'm an
> unrepentant Marxist." At least I hope it's not true.


Finally, I am not going to respond to the lengthy crossposting 
from Solidarity since there is only a slight chance that Joaquin 
would read it. I have better things to do with my time.

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