[Marxism] What is Robert Bryce doing on Counterpunch?

Tristan Sloughter kungfooguru at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 13:26:26 MDT 2011

> All of which is to say that a revolutionary program of political action
> cannot either ignore or avoid engaging in the environmental issues we face;
> nay, such issues are going to be at the heart of virtually every source of
> conflict in a very material sense.

Exactly right.

Capitalisms obsession with short term gain highlights the fact that it will
never be able to handle the environmental issues. No matter how much an
economist argues that a capitalist doesn't want the world to end because
then there is no profit to be made it won't change. This has been made
clear, and of course predicted from the beginning, from economic crises. The
individual capitalist's "best option" is to cut jobs. But in a crisis
everyone does this at once, exacerbating the problem by greatly decreasing

The same is true for the environmental crisis, but instead of cutting jobs
its destruction of the ecosystem.

The Pentagon knows well that the coming wars and conquests will be due to
environmental issues stemming from global warming and have been preparing
for a decade. It can not be left out from a revolutionary program.


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