[Marxism] Syria: NATO must help us!

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 21:08:19 MDT 2011

The claims of this "Wolfgang Bauer" are in direct opposition to the
statement of the Local Coordinating Committees, which warn strongly
and unequivocally against imperialist intervention:
So we need to determine which of the following is true:
a) The LCC, despite being the recognized, nationwide organizer of the
heroic street demos, with a genuine mass base, is out of touch with
its followers, or the statement itself is issued under false
b) Wolfgang Bauer is a CIA-created fiction or a CIA-financed stooge.
c) Wolfgang Bauer is a real person but with Gilbert Achcar's backward politics.
d) The Syrians whom Bauer interviewed really exist and really did say
those things, in which case the LCCs and all their friends abroad need
to patiently but QUICKLY educate them how NATO intervention is the
kiss of death for the Arab revolution.

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