[Marxism] Nepal's maoists divided over relinquishing keys to arms containers

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Here's a selection of links to articles and news on recent developments
concerning the mode of Nepali maoist guerrillas' integration into the
Nepali army.

As far as I can tell: UCPN-M's junior vice-chair Baburam Bhattarai, the
new PM of Nepal, and party chair Puhspa Kamal Dahal "Prachanda" and
their factions have decided to hand over the keys to the guerrillas'
arms containers "fully" to the Army Integration Special Committee that
has representation from all the major parties of the Nepali
constitutional parliament. Previously the keys were held by the maoists

The party left, led by senior vice-chair Mohan Baidhya "Kiran", opposes
this move which it calls "surrender", and apparently didn't take part in
the party standing committee meeting where the issue was decided. Some
reports say they boycotted the meeting, though a person said to be close
to Baidhya says they were excluded.

The post-civil war developments in Nepal have not been making any
progress since spring 2009 when the maoists left the government after a
clash over the sacking of the army commander, which UCPN-M's then govt
partner CPN-UML opposed.

Integration of the maoist guerrillas into the Nepali army has been
perhaps the most difficult nut to crack. The deadline of the
constitutional parliament has been postponed already several times.
Indian Maoists condemned the UCPN-M's (then CPN-M) tactics already in
mid-2000s when they gave up their military line in favour of getting rid
of the monarchy by means of a constitutional parliament in alliance with
other anti-monarchy forces. In the elections in 2008 they became the
biggest party, but didn't get big enough a majority to implement their
plans than way. Bhattarai said some months ago that the maoists have to
accept a compromise with the new constitution.

I don't know whether this recent move by the party majority is good or
not. On the one hand it *can* lead to what Baidhya says it will lead to,
i.e. disarmament and de facto surrender, but on the other hand I'm not
completely sure that rifle-based tactics were going to work either.
Someone in a Kasama comment said that Baidhya doesn't have any more idea
of what needs to be done apart from "preparing for insurrection" than
anyone else. Based on what I've read on the maoists' attempts to whip up
a people's movement in order to take power during the last few years, it
has been impressive, but apparently not impressive enough.

Winter has its End: Breaking: Major Protests Against Disarming of
People's Army (2.9.11)

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handover violates party policy (2.9.11)

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handover of keys of weapons containers (2.9.11)

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from Thursday (31.8.11)

Eurasia Review: Nepal: Integration Of Maoist Combatants – Analysis (30.6.11)

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