[Marxism] The Riazanov Project, Holt Labor Library and MIA: The New Review 1913 - 1917

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Fri Sep 2 13:47:39 MDT 2011


For the many budding and experienced historians of the US workers
movement, the MIA has added to the growing collection of American left
magazines around the time of the Russian Revolution and the eventual
founding of the Communist Party in 1919, the socialist review "The New
Review". This has been added to the publications section of the MIA
listing here:


Over the almost 4 years of its existence (1913 – 1917) The New Review
represented both the Center to far Left of the Socialist Party of
America. The magazine was active in attempting to make sense of the
hot button issues of syndicalism and mass action in 1913, maintaining
a sympathetic posture. It provided a forum for the writing of two of
the principals of left wing New York literary-artistic magazine The
Masses, Max Eastman and Floyd Dell. It dealt extensively with the
issues of feminism, American intervention in Mexico, the growth of
militarism, the role of the International Socialist movement in the
war and was one of the first left journals in the U.S. to deal with
the “Negro Question” and the fight against racism.

Thanks to Marty Goodman and Robin Palmer of the The Riazanov Project
and David Walters from the Holt Labor Library & MIA

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