[Marxism] NYT on BDS concert protest / Barenboim & Said

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The article about the Mehta concert & protests reminded me of this project that Edward Said launched (with the great Israeli conductor Barenboim) a few years before Said's death:

2007 article from the Guardian:

Bridging the gap
Daniel Barenboim's West-Eastern Divan Orchestra is a unique enterprise, drawing together musicians from Israel and Palestine. Ed Vulliamy is the first journalist to meet its members on both sides of their war-torn land

...The project is an orchestra Barenboim founded with the late, great Palestinian writer Edward Said, which he conducts and brings to the Proms this August: the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, made up of young Israeli Jewish, Palestinian and other Arab musicians. Barenboim and Said took the name from a series of late poems by Goethe during his study of Arabic and Persian verse, Divan meaning 'the other'.

The musicians from Israel and Palestine (also Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere), first gathered for sessions in 1999 at Weimar, city of Bach, Goethe and Schiller - zenith of German culture - from where they also made a pilgrimage to the nadir of German and human history, the nearby death camp at Buchenwald....

full text: http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2008/jul/13/classicalmusicandopera.israelandthepalestinians 

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> (A surprisingly balanced article, especially considering that the author 
> is a total scumbag.)

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