[Marxism] Zizek and Gaddafi: Living in the old world

Dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Sat Sep 3 13:17:03 MDT 2011

I don't think Zizek is an elitist, you know, the type that cultivates a
withering sneer. He is really "into" popular culture and all, drawing
his examples from Stephen King and Oprah.
But he is trying to "see through" popular culture and get the pulse of
the times we live in.
Well, actually, that's his job as a professor of "cultural studies".
At the same time, it seems that his interest in Lacan and Hegel (and
Marx) derive from to constantly challenge the Fukushiyam "end of
history" tendency that pervades our present ideology (democratic
He is not quite in the right "time periode" (2011), in my opinion. His
worldview is closer to that of the exponents of such bygone epochs as
Romanticism or the counter-culture of the 60s. The idea that nothing
makes sense, that everything is possible, that all the old notions are
crumbling, that society is breaking at the seems, that it IS possible to
reconcile hard-core individualism with community, spirituality with
science, love and socialism, man and nature.
All these Romantic/60s notions that plug into Hegel (going beyond the
subject/object dichotomy) or Lacan (extinction of the self through love
for the other).
Mind you, I disagree with a lot of what Zizek says. I think I can
discern a certain radical pessimism in his radical leftist rhetoric that
does not accord well with the possibility for direct democracy.

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