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> Cuba claims that nothing can justify killing innocent people.

International Journal of Cuban Studies
Journal of the International Institute for the Study of Cuba
Volume 3 Numbers 2 and 3 Summer/Autumn 2011

The Franco regime’s contradiction: Its foreign policy toward Cuba

by HOSODA Haruko

This study aims to investigate why the Spanish regime under Francisco 
Franco (1939-1975) and the Cuban regime under Fidel Castro (1959-2008) 
maintained diplomatic relations given their opposing ideologies; This is 
significant, since the Franco regime was internationally isolated after 
WWII, however it could survive due to its anticommunist stance hence it 
received U.S. military and economic assistance. The study focuses on 
Spanish foreign policy toward Cuba, taking into consideration how Spain 
was able to “utilize” this contradictory position.

First, Franco placed great attention on maintaining relations with Cuba. 
Specifically, he felt that Spain’s honor, damaged by the 
American-Spanish war, had been recovered in proxy by Cuba. Additionally, 
Franco and Castro shared common values in terms of their morals and 
patriotism. Second, Spanish elites believed that Spain required a 
“peculiar” policy that would establish its status as a “middle power of 
an influential state”in a particular region and enable it to distance 
itself from the Cold War. In addition, it was thought that Spain, 
although shut out of much of European diplomacy because of non- 
democratic and anticommunist regime, could still play a role as an 
“intermediary” between the Occidental World and Latin America, 
especially between the U.S. and Cuba, without requiring a change to the 
Spanish regime.


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