[Marxism] Latest on Libya

Paddy Apling e.c.apling at btinternet.com
Mon Sep 5 05:26:22 MDT 2011

Good for Martin Shaw (namesake of a local leading actor in the BBC1 TV
series "Inspector George Gently" who I have several times almost barged into
in the local village - no, it calls itself "town" as it has a charter for a
market from Henry [what number woz it?] post office or newsagents)
Who gives a good summary of the Libyan developments at 

=========  final para:
"For the moment, Nato's success gives a boost to western governments, which
have little else to celebrate as their economies stall. And it puts
governments like the Russian and Chinese, which permitted the Libyan venture
with some reluctance, on the defensive. But Libya's transformation may give
new life to the Arab upheavals, such as in Syria. There will then be more
shocks on the way, and none of the world's governments can be confident of
its future in a world in which the people are once again on the march."

March on comrades - and expand the march !!


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