[Marxism] Life and death in Syria

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 23:12:36 MDT 2011

*Sakher Hallak had burns caused by electric shocks all over his body.*

*His genitals had been mutilated, eyes gouged, and he had holes to the back
of his head, face, and to the sides of his body. His bones had been broken,
and the marks of four different types of military boots were imprinted all
over his body*.


The above is snipped from an ABC report.  I am of course aware of the need
not to be naive about all this.  I understand the necessity to ask -Not only
is it true but Why this report?  Why now? What acts of torture performed
elsewhere am I not reading about?

Having asked these questions, I understand that such reports could be a
prelude to Western military intervention.  Nonetheless, and this is crucial
for me, I do not allow that to alter in any way my total opposition to
torture, arrest without trial etc.  I wish Bashar Assad a swift end, just
like I did for Muammar Qadhdhafi.



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