[Marxism] Turkey cuts more ties with Israel

Dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Wed Sep 7 07:52:20 MDT 2011

Why should the Arab spring be judged on its attitude towards the
Israeli/Palestinian conflict ? Does the government (old or new) of any
Arab nation automatically become progressive when it supports the
Palestinian struggle? Or is this focusing on an obviously alien presence
(the state of Israel) a great way of ensuring that the social
relationships remain unchanged under a veneer of "anti-imperialism" ?
When the Egyptian and Turkish worker turns his attention on Israeli
fascism rather than his own subservience to the local bourgeoisie, is
that a sign of growing freedom and the premises of socialism ?

I'm asking this, because the imposition of the "attitude towards Israel
and the US of those in power in the Arab world" prism, and the idea that
the working class in Arab countries must first and foremost confront the
pro-American allegiances of the elite, could be seen as implying that an
Arab "revolution" is essentially "over" as soon as an anti-Israeli
government is in charge.
That's a revolution in geostrategic alignments, not a revolution for the
common man.
3.7 million Palestinians are denied their basic rights and are forced to
grovel under the Israeli boot in the "occupied territories". 6 000
Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli army between 1990 and

Meanwhile, Amnesty Inernational has voiced its criticism of the official
Sri Lankan investigation into the events suronding the defeat of the
Tamil Tigers. At least 25 000 civilians were killed during this period.

Meanwhile, the UN report on Congo shows that over 4 million people died
"of unnatural causes" in Congo between 1990 and 2010.

None of this was hidden. The information was clearly present in
newspaper articles throughout the 90s and 2000s.

However, the mainstream media keep forcing the Arab working class to
focus on the fascist agenda of the Israeli government and not the
seizing of power from the local bourgeoisie. Of course, Israel is
steering its own nationalistic course of forcing out Palestinians and
settling Russian Jews on Palestinian lands. Everybody knows this. Most
people in today's world criticize Israeli policies, a few
(overwhelmingly Americans) applaud.

The working class in Arab countries sympathizes with the plight of their
Palestinian brethren. But why should their own emancipation take second
seat to a geopolitical, overarching goal of creating a united
anti-Israeli front among Arab countries ? Is this goal of Pan-Arab
Nationalism superior to the goal of ensuring freedom, equality and
self-management among the impoverished Arab masses ?

It is alas all to easy to use nationalism to suppress the class struggle
in the name of "anti-imperialism", with the help of "anti-imperialist"
intellectuals and "anti-imperialist" politicians. "Vote for us and we
will terminate diplomatic relations with Israel" becomes a position that
suits the local bourgeoisie better than "organize and take charge of
your lives".

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