[Marxism] "Glorious Revolution" overloading prisons it just emptied

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 7 09:59:18 MDT 2011

Fred Sagely Opines: "Of course further imperialist intervention should be opposed as much and on the same essential grounds as the intervention so far. Not because of the good qualities of the regime past or present), but because of the nature of imperialism."

Of course, Fred. Indeed. "It" should be opposed. That opposition is still important, don'tcha know? Gee, I wonder where all the "opposerin'" is goin' on? Oh yeah, Cuba pulls out its marbles (pun intended), Chavez wants Moammar to die in battle, ANSWER is all worked up about racism, and everyone here is endlessly posturing about just how bad the rebels are. Maybe "we" just need to see if all those rebels are really rebels before we start gettin' all oppositional about NATO? You know, 'cuz the rebels are the ones who need to be tested in the battle of intellectualism, huh? Just not good enough that they tried their best to get rid of a tyrant and succeeded. Can't be goin' all half-cocked and building an anti-NATO movement till we find out who is or is not with or against NATO out there in Libya! Hell, Moammar may make a comeback and, you know, all will be Right with the world. 		 	   		  

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