[Marxism] Indigenous Education in Queensland

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 17:08:04 MDT 2011


might be interested to have a look at some of  the work of the progressive
state bureaucracy in the field of Indigenous Education in Queensland.
Historically Indigenous Australians were excluded, often brutally, from the
mainstream education system. The epoch of exclusion gradually moved in the
latter part of the 20th Century into a process of Inclusion. However *
exclusion* never really went away, though it did morph into procedures like
insisting on uniforms and shoes for those who could afford neither and above
all to the enshrining of low expectations of Indigenous students.

The period of *Inclusion* was also the period of what Badiou has pointed
out; everyone is counted but no one counts, so this was modernity at its
most formal and abstract.  What is being tried at the urging of Indigenous
educators, such as Chris Sarra, now is to aim for beyond Inclusion to *
Belonging* through the procedures of Connectedness.

I urge any comrades interested in education and especially those with
contacts with native Americans to look up the video at this link:




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