[Marxism] "Glorious Revolution" overloading prisons it just emptied

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 17:30:52 MDT 2011

We are moving into another phase of the Anti-Imperialists versus the
anti-anti-imperialists game here on the list. those of us who wereagainst
Qadhdhafi systematically and correctly in my opinion dredgedup every bit of
information which would challenge the MRzine stereotype of him as another

Well the old brutal popinjay is almost gone, though his exit speed does seem
to be hampeered by the amount of gold he is making off with. So half time is
over and the new phase of the game is to dredge up every bit of dirt on the
NTC and the rebels in the hope of proving that the overthrow of Qadhdhafi is
a disaster for humanity. The NTC are a fairly easy and very legitimate
target. Quite clearly The leaders are in the clutches of NATO. The rebels
though are a somewhat more complicated element. We just do not know how they
will act.

If I were to score this game, though, I would think that the anti-Qadhdhafi
lot were still ahead, but that would be an inexcusably petty and irrelevant
thing to do. Instead I will just hope that the game is over soon and I also
hope for the best in Libya. The "king of kings", Brother Leader etc has been
cast down gone and forces are now in play over which we have no control.

To be frank I do hope that the revolution does turnout to be "glorious".
Moreover I also believe absolutely that Fred hopes so too, even though no
one on this list has to date called the revolution 'glorious'. However
whatever the outcome, let me repeat for the nth time that nothing will make
me regret the fall of Qadhdhafi and nothing will make me see his reign as
the time of revolutionary splendor, despite his costumes, bling, and 65



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