[Marxism] Turkey cuts more ties with Israel

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 22:24:36 MDT 2011

Israel is also playing the Greek (& the Romanian & Bulgarian) card against
Turkey - witness the actions of the Greek govt against the last aid
flotilla. It is as if the Turkish opening to the Arab world is being
countered by Israel's opening to the former European parts of the Old
Ottoman Empire.


I still cannot see the USA allowing an armed clash to occur between Turkey
and Israel.  that could have such devastating resonances.  What does seem
clear to me however is that Israeli options are narrowing dramatically.  If
they were to launch an offensive now against Lebanon, the Gaza or even Iran,
they might experience something like the reversal of the Suez adventure of
1956. They would as well risk collapsing the military junta in Cairo.

The Angry Arab keeps warning Arabs against developing hopes and illusions in
the Turkish Prime Minister.  He is absolutely right there.  Nonetheless the
whole region will be galvanised by this and hoping against hope that at last
there is a leader who will stand up to the thugs in Tel Aviv. Erdogan will
find that it is easy but also dangerous to raise the hopes and expectations
of the people.

Watch this space...



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