[Marxism] Libya is now set to be a scene of multiple battles

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 9 14:44:19 MDT 2011

Dennis Brayskys: "We need more "pretend Marxists" like Richard."

Like I said, it's our problem of problems. Tomb gets to be called a comrade, I get to be called a "buffoon". Why, because Tomb minimizes the Libyan masses' capacities, harps all "macho" about NATO being opposed WHILE Qadhaffi is in power, and then post-mortifies the Libyan people's struggles because, shock of shocks, imperialism wants to horn in. And, because people like me are infuriated by such left-covered . . . mealy-mouthedness that brays pessimism masquerading as pragmatism; "reality *today*" don'tcha know? Impassioned, articulate, well-documented mangling on the Libyan revolution is still mangling--poor analysis and even poorer faith in the revolutionary struggle no matter how much such faith is proclaimed when proclaiming it doesn't matter. 

You know Brasky, I won't even dignify the let's say, insensitivity, in marking me "macho" for taking issue with this going on for months long nonsense from the mouths of, let's say, wayward leftists. No, wouldn't want you to get all hot and bothered about pointing up the obvious racist overtone in that statement--Wait, on second thought, by all means, explode that pointy head. 

Finally, I don't think I could ever be arrogant enough to speak for women comrades about what does or does not "make" them "not want" to post on this list (IF, indeed, that happens to be true). Although I doubt such a problem will be resolved with a patently demagogic feint to this issue by you (what, are you expecting women revolutionaries to swoon in your direction for your heroic genuflection to what you think are their concerns?). What I will say is that perhaps one should worry about one's priorities; defending the indefensible pessimism in the Libyan masses, avoiding the outrage at listening, literally, to months of this nonsense seemingly for the sake of arriving at some future "gotcha" moment when NATO might impale the Libyan revolution (to what end, vindicating one's "popularity" in blog readership?) or, you know, reporting, as Louie has exhorted, and many have tried to exemplify the efforts of small "r" revolutionaries in Libya and elsewhere instead of the "erudite" capital "R" Revolutionaries' "analysis". So sorry, Dennie, that you are more bothered by me calling Tomb's passing analysis being what amounts to passing gas. So sorry, Richard, that your Lancelot, well, seems to have a rubber . . .jouster pole . . .thingy.

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