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David may find this clarifies the issue

Fury after republican women 
martyrs dumped for landlord ad
(Suzanne Breen, Sunday World)
prisoners are up in arms that a mural honouring republican women killed 
in the conflict was replaced by an ad promoting landlords. 
The 'women 
in struggle' mural on the Falls Road commemorated famous IRA women 
including Mairead Farrell, killed by the SAS in Gibraltar and Maire 
Drumm, the Sinn Féin vice-president assassinated by loyalists in 
Belfast's Mater hospital. 
But the detachable mural was recently 
removed by Sinn Féin. A mural depicting Uncle Sam saying 'Landlords We 
Need You' was then erected in its place by a local business. 
advertised the services of Northern Property, a wealthy Falls Road-
based estate agency. Bizarrely, the new mural sat above one of 
republican socialist icon James Connolly, the 1916 leader renowned for 
his hatred of landlords. 
Ex-IRA prisoner, Nuala Perry, who knew both 
Farrell and Drumm said: "I'm horrified that Mairead and Maire have been 
discarded for landlords. This shows what West Belfast has become – it's 
all about money and nothing about republicanism or socialism now. The 
last thing we need is more landlords." 
So enraged were locals that 
Northern Property's ad was paint-bombed last weekend and has now been 
removed. "I'm not surprised that happened. People were very angry," 
said Perry who served five years in Armagh prison. 
Padraic McCotter, a 
former blanketman who served 15 years in Long Kesh, said he was stunned 
that the women's mural had been cast aside for the landlords' ad. "When 
I first heard of it, I thought it was a joke. 
"The irony must be lost 
on (those) who put this ad up given that it's placed above a painting 
of James Connolly." McCotter called for the republican women to be put 
back on the Rockmount Street wall. 
Tony Donnelly, director of Northern 
Property, said his office had been inundated with calls about the 
mural's removal. He said it had been taken down by Sinn Féin and his 
company had then erected its ad separately. 
"We now realise that 
wasn't a brilliant idea and the old mural will be reinstated in due 
course," he said. Ex-prisoners have complained about Sinn Féin's 
support for some property firms. 
Donnelly confirmed that Northern 
Property advertised in the local Sinn Féin news-sheet and the company 
had attended a Sinn Féin fund-raising dinner in the Europa hotel. 
article appeared in the August 28, 2011 edition of the Sunday World.

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