[Marxism] ALBA foreign ministers on Libya and Syria situations

Fred Feldman ffeldman at verizon.net
Mon Sep 12 13:25:04 MDT 2011

Louis Proyect wrote:
I am afraid that Venezuela lacks all moral authority to make such a
statement. Telesur has been an open cesspool of pro-Assad propaganda.

Fred replies:
While recognizing the broad moral authority that the Cuban and Venezuelan
governments have earned in deeds over the years and on many issues, and the
moral and political respect they have won internationally as a result:

I  think just about anyone has the moral right and even responsibility (not
to mention the democratic right) to oppose an imperialist war, which is by
its nature a crime against humanity, or other aggression including threats
of imperialist war in the case of Syria.  

Louis statement has a thoroughly sectarian and exclusionary spirit.

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