[Marxism] Federal Courts Rule it is Not Illegal to Film Police

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Federal Courts Rule it is Not Illegal to Film Police

Author: Pace Lattin
Published: September 01, 2011 at 5:54 pm

The First Court of Appeals has reached a decision that would allow the
general public to video-tape police officers while they are working.
This decision comes right after several well-known public cases have
come to light involving citizens being arrested for video-taping

This specific case in question was Simon Glik vs.The City of Boston
(and several police officers), in which a teenage Simon Gilk was
arrested after videotaping Boston Police abusing a homeless man. While
Mr. Gilk was not interfering with the police, he was arrested on
wiretapping charges.

The ACLU had sued on his behalf, even when the charges were dropped,
noting that there was a growing epidemic of citizens in the United
States being arrested by police for videotaping, even when documenting
police brutality and abuse.

The First Court Agreed with the ACLU that this should be legal, and
wrote that: "The filming of government officials engaged in their
duties in a public place, including police officers performing their
responsibilities, fits comfortably within these principles [of
protected First Amendment activity].

Gathering information about government officials in a form that can
readily be disseminated to others serves a cardinal First Amendment
interest in protecting and promoting the free discussion of
governmental affairs.”

With the rise of YouTube and other social sharing services, more and
more police have been under scrutiny for their public actions and in
response have taken to pressing charges against civilians for
videotaping them.

Currently there are several other cases still pending around the
Country, including that of Khaliah Fitchette who videotaped Newak
Police abusing another passenger and was arrested, while the police
erased the cell-phone.

Additionally, the case of Michael Allison has made quite a bit of
news. In this case, the Illinois Attorney General is trying to impose
a 75 year sentence on Mr. Allison for recording police officers who
were harassing him, reportedly for filing a lawsuit against the
department previously. Charges are still being pursued, even though
several similar cases have been thrown out by the Courts in Illinois.

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