[Marxism] Ex-RSP members: Let's unite behind Green Left Weekly

Stuart Munckton stuartmunckton at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 05:38:06 MDT 2011

My comment that was posted in the discussion is posted below.

There was a lot of bitterness in our faction fight -- as there always is.
Any step forward to overcome its legacy that is conrstuctive, however small,
is welcome.

* * *

I think the approach by these comrades, which they have spelled out not just
in the article but also the discussion in comments, is very positive one to
be welcomed.

Marce for one, in his contributions under the article he co-authored with
Iggy, has been very open about the reasons for the move and also the
difference he and the other comrades he is working with have with the
Socialist Alliance and its approach.

This is not surprising. Does anyone expect people to just throw out
sincerely held beliefs?

What is positive is a willingness to collaborate where possible. This does
not preclude ongoing discussion, debate or even further agreement as a
result of practical experiences. The only way to test this out is to try and
work together where possible in the course of the struggle.

I think it is a very positive example and everyone involved should be to
take all the collaboration that is possible and see where this goes.

Those who went through the experience of a very intense faction fight for
two-to-three years inside the DSP inevitably carry the baggage of that fight
with them -- it was draining and painful for all involved.

But the past is the past. It can only be overcome through open collaboration
in all areas it is possible to do is, without demanding more than is
possible at this stage. Then we will see where it goes.

As an editor of Green Left, I sincerely welcome the offer of assistance. I
can already see ways that Green Left will be a better tool for the left
through this offer.

I am not going to demand more than it is possible for these comrades to
agree on at this stage, recognising this might change in a positive or
negative direction in the future, in order to take steps forward there are
to be taken in the here and now.

Stuart Munckton,
Green Left co-editor.

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