[Marxism] Carl Oglesby obit

Steve Heeren tzsche at shaw.ca
Wed Sep 14 09:35:01 MDT 2011

Why am I NOT surprised that this NYT obit fails to mention the book 
"Containment and Change" which was jointly written by Oglesby and 
Richard Shaull (a Lutheran pastor or theologian iirc).  This book was 
widely distributed by SDS and was probably the first introduction to the 
reality of American Imperialism which reached a sizable audience.

I also remember reading much later that Shaull's contribution to the 
book (which I did not read because I was a militant atheist at the time) 
was more radical than Oglesby's. I can't find my copy so I can't very 
that claim myself.

Of course it is de rigueur for the NYT to interview "toady Todd" Gitlin 
about anything having to do with the radicalism of the 1960s.

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