[Marxism] UN Palestine Vote

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 19:14:42 MDT 2011

Strange how Israeli intransigence and unbridled rapacity and greed prevents
the current PLO leadership from selling out. A two state solution has been
available to the Israelis for decades based on a return to the 1967
boundaries but their desire to have it all has foreclosed that option.

The "peace process" following the Oslo Accords was really a cover for the
Israeli version of the one-state solution - a land from which the Indigenous
people had been ethnically cleansed. It is that vision which has driven the
settler policy and all the twists and turns of successive Israeli

Israeli opposition to the declaration of Palestinian statehood only makes
sense if we realise that theirs is a drive to a single Israeli state without
Arabs and moreover one which stretches from the river to the sea. taht is
the core Zionist vision and although it may be somewhat in the closet, it is
what informs the thinking of almost all Israeli politicians.



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