[Marxism] Red-Green Alliance (Enhedlisten) triples votes and seats in Danish elections

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Sat Sep 17 20:35:12 MDT 2011

The Red-Green Alliance (Enhedslisten, lit. Unity List) is a socialist
political party in Denmark.
The party was formed in 1989 as an electoral alliance by three
left-wing parties, Left Socialists (VS), Communist Party of Denmark
(DKP) and Socialist Workers Party (SAP). Originally the plan was to
unite these parties alongside the Green Party (De Grønne), Common
Course and Humanist to form a broad-based progressive movement, but
this did not materialize. A fourth party, the Communist Workers Party
(KAP), joined Enhedslisten in 1991. One year earlier the entrance of
KAP was vetoed by DKP. KAP was dissolved in 1994.
Enhedslisten has since developed into an independent party based on
individual membership. The founding parties have no official say
within Enhedslisten. A majority of its currents members do not have a
previous association with any of the founding parties. The party
cooperates closely with the Socialist Youth Front.
The party entered parliament for the first time in 1994, and is
generally considered the left-most party in parliament. The party has
never won more than six out of the 179 seats in parliament, and has
never sought to become part of any government coalition.

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