[Marxism] Denmark: Right lose, Red-Green Alliance triples vote

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Sun Sep 18 03:22:54 MDT 2011

Dick Nichols

What the polls had predicted would be an easy victory for the Social
Democrats in Denmark's September 15 election turned out to be much closer.

The last poll before the vote showed the Social Democrat leader Helle
Thorning-Schmidt ahead of her Liberal opponent Lars Løkke Rasmussen by 52.3%
to 47.5% as preferred prime minister.

However, Danes came out in droves to vote, with total voter turnout at
87.7%, its highest level in decades. The final
the left-of-centre parties winning by only 50.3% to 48.9%, 89 seats to 86.

The likely result in the four seats elected in Greenland and the Faroe
Islands (three to one to the centre-left) will make their final majority 92
seats to 87 in Denmark's 179-seat parliament.

The Social Democrats have won office -- and installed Denmark's first women
prime minister -- not so much because of their own performance. Rather it
was because of the collapse of support for the country's most right-wing
parties, including the overtly racist Danish People's Party (DPP), and the
big increase in support for the Social Liberals and the Red-Green Alliance.

The Social Liberals are the most conservative of the four left of centre
parties and the Red-Green Alliance the most radical.
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