[Marxism] To Murray Dobbin on Qaddafi/Africom

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 19 10:46:37 MDT 2011

Louis observes: "Instead it was an attempt by imperialism to gain a foothold in the Arab world under the guise of a humanitarian intervention but only after a civil war began. If Libya had been as quiet as Algeria from February onwards, there would have not been a war."

I would only qualify that it would have been "unlikely" that an imperialist intervention would have occurred as it did. I do believe the U.S./NATO were looking for ways to intervene and, by now, would likely have found Some way if not by now, then soon. As revolutionists like Eugene Debs once observed during the WWI, somebody is going to go to jail sometime when a mass movement has a true impact. That is to say, it is not simply in the "nature" of imperialism to intervene, they must do so because they Do Not want the logic of the mass struggle to come to fruition. Such an intervention is both a gauge of and pre-requisite to the emergence of a revolutionary struggle that challenges capitalist rule. It is neither a reality from which to shy away nor one interpret as a sign of weakness in the revolutionary masses. Rather, such attacks show us that the "game is afoot". To oppose or criticize a mass movement for its actions in pressing forward a struggle because its enemy is insidious and pays attention enough to try to sway it from its revolutionary purpose is, indeed, "pessimistic"; right at a time when there should be cause for optimism and stepped up agitation to weaken imperialism's maneuvers through increased agitation and anti-war mobilization. That I believe is far better than "post mortem" prognostications bemoan the demise of a movement's revolutionary trajectory. 

You Know, Out Now? October is fast coming, the Wall Street occupation movement is happening. Maybe it is useful for us all to be sure we include U.S./NATO out of Libya and the Arab Spring in our demands? In contrast to previous single issue movements (which I still defend), austerity, occupation, economic sell-out to capitalism, and imperialist intervention; all are truly becoming connected in the minds of many. Lesser-evilism is today both at its most vehement, but also at its potentially weakest given the ascendance of united peaceful legal mass action as a viable challenge to capitalist rule (Obama is struggling and his base is fighting to "stay strong", the U.K. ruling parties are trying to sow distrust of the "ragged mob" disaffecting even further the oppressed and working class, Egypt and the Arab peoples continuing their break with military and capitalist rule at the same time causing Israel to tremble amidst its own divisions). 

In short, we're gettin' there y'all. Don't get down, Stand Up! Or, like the 15M Spanish youth will wont to shout; "No Nos Miren, ¡Unété! 		 	   		  

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