[Marxism] Any thoughts on the Liberal Party conference

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 20:38:18 MDT 2011

I was hoping that Richard would put something up on Lenin's tomb about the
Liberal party conference.  I have been reading about it in *The Guardian*.
The latter paper is (officially?) Liberal and so their coverage of the
conference vacillates between the hopeful and the disgustingly dishonest.
The main intent of their reporting is to make us forget that the Liberals
are actually in Government and the same government is brutalising the
hopeless and the helpless.  So the reports contain lots of criticisms of the
Tories as if the Liberals were not their partners. We also have fulsome
reporting of every bit of remotely leftist rhetoric that the conference
farts forth for our supposed enlightenment.

The exception is the column by Polly Toynbee from the Labour Party right.
She accuses the Liberals of 'mendacity and balderdash' because she still
dreams of a Lib-Lab alliance. Dream on I say.  Let's hope instead for the
kind of radicalisation that will make a frightened ruling class long for a
Labour government.



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