[Marxism] Libya Rebels Dumping Hundreds of Bodies in 'Pro-Gadhafi' Cemetery

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 21:54:23 MDT 2011

Hi Rajesh,

Admittedly I have been fairly polemical on this issue but I don't think of
it as a chest beating barking contest.   Nor do I feel the level of the
debate justifies the scare quotes you use about the list. Qadhdhafi and his
sons are gone (almost).  The brutality of their reaction to the first
protests has set a 'shining' example that other tyrants in the region have

I have nothing but contempt for NATO and Sarkozy & co, but then no one on
the list feels any different. We do not know what will happen now
Qadhdhafi's reign is over.  It seems though fair to say that the situation
in Libya is fluid.  I remain hopeful about the Arab Revolution and its
ongoing capacity to inspire revolt throughout the world.  I think I owe that
much to the courage of those who have braved the guns of the dictators.



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