[Marxism] Chatham County District Attorney Larry Chisolm -- President Obama -- STOP THE EXECUTION OF TROY DAVIS

Bonnie Weinstein giobon at comcast.net
Wed Sep 21 10:36:39 MDT 2011


Send a letter to Chatham County District Attorney stop the execution  
of Troy Davis:


Send a letter to President Obama to take action to save the life of  
Troy Davis:


National Headquarters - 202-265-1948 - info at answercoalition.org
Boston - 857-334-5084 - boston at answercoalition.org
Los Angeles - 213-251-1025 - answerla at answerla.org
San Francisco - 415-821-6545 - answer at answersf.org


Here's my letter to President Obama. I sent a similar letter to the  
Chatham County DA Larry Chisolm...Bonnie Weinstein

Dear President Obama,

I implore you to intercede and stop the execution of Troy Davis.  
There is no good that can come from this murderous act--I believe  
Troy Davis is innocent! But in any case, an eye for an eye makes both  
men blind!

There is so much doubt surrounding this case including the fact that  
Davis was convicted mainly on eyewitness testimony--known to be  
unreliable--and, with no physical evidence connecting him to the  
tragic shooting of Officer Mark MacPhail. And, if that isn't enough,  
seven of the nine eyewitnesses have recanted their testimony pointing  
to police intimidation and threats if they didn't finger Troy Davis.  
Five have even signed statements saying they were coerced by police  
to testify against Davis.Of the two who didn't recant, one is said to  
have confessed to the shooting of Officer McPhail himself to at least  
three other witnesses!

Even the former director of the FBI has said that this execution is  
an injustice and should not go forward. Just today the New York Times  
ran another editorial urging a halt to the execution. And, Georgia  
Senate Democratic Whip Vincent Fort and Southern Center for Human  
Rights Executive Director Sara Totonchi have issued a joint statement  
calling upon the individuals charged with carrying out the execution  
to refuse to participate in the killing of a possibly innocent man.   
In fact, the Justice Department has launched civil rights violations  
investigations linked to police misconduct recently in Seattle,  
Cleveland, and Newark, New Jersey. Obviously such violations do occur.

You have the power to halt this injustice and stop the execution of  
Troy Davis now. I can't imagine what it feels like to have such  
power. I only pray to God that you make the right choice--the choice  
of life over death!

Please stop this execution now!

You must take action. Stop the execution of an innocent man.


Bonnie Weinstein


You can also try to call Judge Penny Freesemann at 912 652 7252. (I  
tried to call but the line was busy.) Or you can Fax Judge Freesemann  
at 912 652-7254.


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