[Marxism] Breaking-Light-Speed l?

Tom Cod tomcod3 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 14:41:27 MDT 2011

Call me a vulgar materialist, but why couldn't something travel faster
than the speed of light if the requisite amount of thrust was applied
to it?  I could never understand all this stuff about "warped" space.
I've seen wood and metal warp, but empty space?  And how can
"universe" expand if universe means everything; so everything expands
into nothing?  what "is" nothing in that context?  The New York Times
science section had the only explanation that made sense to me about
ten years ago: "universe" is merely the largest set of matter
observable by humans currently that may be expanding and there may be
other universes, meaning mega clusters of galaxies out there separated
by vast space.  They even had a map depicting this.   The idea that
empty space has a limit seems odd as that posits non-space.

Big bang theory seems even more mystical which is why many religious
believers love it.  A "genesis" moment before which nothing existed.
Really? talk about dismissing causality.  Rather, it makes more sense
to me to infer from evidence of trace heat ubiquitous in the
"universe", or the locality of our current empirical perception, as
merely an indication of a big event that occurred within our local
everywhere.  Surely ants in the Sahara desert might think the universe
is composed of sand and is expanding or small creatures living on the
site of a nuclear test would detect evidence of a big bang everywhere
within their range of perception.  That doesn't mean there isn't a
prehistory to this event or that matter and phenomena don't exist
outside its range.   Sure, that presupposes distances in space and
time exponentially vaster than known today, but so what?  Whatever
happened to infinity?

I wish I had the time to learn more about this, but sadly social
division of labor makes that not likely for me.  I had an interesting
exchange of emails with Brian Greene of "The Elegant Universe" in
response to an article he had in the New York Times about the alleged
malleability of time in which he referenced clocks.  What the flock do
clocks have to do with it? I asked him, like time didn't exist until
humans invented clocks? Clearly your spaceship going at high speed  is
causing mechanical stresses on the clock similar to what occurs on
ships (See "Longitude").  Moreover, time is a fraction of the speed of
celestial objects that doesn't vary according to some observer's
situs; in other words it's an abstract mathematical quantity of
measurement not subject to material stresses.   Oh, read my book,
Greene responded.

If something could travel faster than the speed of light then you
would have an interesting phenomenon similar to seeing fireworks
before you hear them.  In this case a lit material object, like a car
or train, would arrive at your location before you could see it.

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