[Marxism] Breaking-Light-Speed l?

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 23 15:26:37 MDT 2011

Tom: And how can "universe" expand if universe means everything; so everything expands into nothing?  what "is" nothing in that context?  The New York Times science section had the only explanation that made sense to me about ten years ago: "universe" is merely the largest set of matter
 observable by humans currently that may be expanding and there may be other universes, meaning mega clusters of galaxies out there separated by vast space.  They even had a map depicting this.   The idea that empty space has a limit seems odd as that posits non-space."

That, I think, is the point, Tom. Materially, what the universe is or is not, though not unknowable, is certainly only partially knowable by the meager human senses in our meager ways of observing it. Why, for example is the speed of light "only" 299,792 kilometers per second? Why not a clean 300,000? or some fraction ending in pi (at least the congruity with mathematically observed phenomena would be have some significance)? I submit that we are only certain to mild extent about the speed of light or what we are actually seeing when we observe the "universe". It's a good exercise not only worth exploring, but ultimately something that may yield our "known world" with economic and social benefits. I just happen to believe, as I am sure the rest of us here do, that it will take us doing the very hard (and sometimes seemingly insurmountable) work to unleash our world from the grip of its past that we seem still unable to project into our future. 

If one reads carefully the accounts of the researchers' experiment, they found, beyond statistical error, that the speed of neutrino is perhaps " 60 nanoseconds faster than light. That's sixty billionth of a second, a time no human brain could register." In other words, if true, neutrinos are only slight faster than light. Assuming that were to be true, what would it mean? Is breaking such a threshold enough, for example, to create a "warp speed" or some other "hyperspace" phenomenon? Or, is it simply that the speed of light really is a little faster than we can calculate given that our 21st century instrumentation is simply too primitive to make accurate determinations? In which case, perhaps the neutrino speeds, if true, simply show up our miscalculations and "all can be right" within the relativistic world?

I heartily agree with Jeff that perhaps we should continue with our analysis of the present world and how to change it. I just feel that the scientific integrity with which this present group of researchers, calling on their colleagues to replicate what they believe they  have found and not simply assuming they have it right despite their best efforts (Les, of course, is correct, peer review is essential before "celebrating"), is something to praise; even if the bourgeois media turn it sensationalistic hype (one local paper headlined "Einstein Roll Over. . .").

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