[Marxism] Red Forty-Eighters

Angelus Novus fuerdenkommunismus at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 24 02:33:36 MDT 2011

Dear Rustbelt Radical,

two interesting Red 48ers are the Anneke Brothers, Fritz and Emil.

Both where Rhineland revolutionaries, friends of Marx, and members of the Communist League.

Forced into exil into the United States, they became engaged fighters for the rights of Afro-Americans, Fritz becoming a general in the Union Army, and Emil becoming one of the founders of the Republican Party in Michigan (and later Auditor General of the state).

Given Marx's admiration for Lincoln, and W.E.B. DuBois' description of Radical Reconstruction as "The American Commune", this is a nice little bit of revolutionary continuity.

The English Wikipedia pages on these two are a bit thin, but the German pages offer a bit more information.

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