[Marxism] Translation: Cooperatives and Socialism in Cuba

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Mon Sep 26 04:24:53 MDT 2011

>From "Cuba's Socialist Renewal"
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Cooperatives and Socialism: A Cuba Perspective is a new Cuban book
published in Spanish earlier this year. A compilation of essays, it is
divided into four parts. Part One introduces cooperatives; Part Two
examines the views of Marxist theoreticians including Karl Marx, V. I.
Lenin and Che Guevara on the role of cooperatives in a
socialist-oriented society; Part Three looks at the experiences of
cooperatives in other countries from Spain to Venezuela; while Part
Four analyses the Cuban experience of cooperatives as part of its
socialist project.

This important and timely compilation is edited by Camila Piñeiro
Harnecker. Avid readers of my blog will recall that I translated and
posted a commentary by Camila, titled "Cuba Needs Changes"
back in January.

Camila, who lives in Cuba, holds a degree in sustainable development
from the University of Berkeley, California. She is a professor at the
Centre for Studies on the Cuban Economy at Havana University, and her
works have been published both in Cuba and outside the island. She is
also, incidently, the daughter of Chilean-Cuban journalist and author
Marta Harnecker and her late husband, Manuel "Red Beard" Piñeiro, who
headed revolutionary Cuba's state security and intelligence service
for many years.

Camila hopes her book may be published in English soon. In the
meantime, she has kindly agreed to allow me to translate and publish
this extract (about a third) from her preface to Cooperatives and
Socialism with permission from a prospective publisher. I hope that
sharing this extract with readers of my blog will make you want to
read the whole book. If it does become available in English I'll post
the details here.

At the end of the text you'll find the footnotes, translated from the Spanish.

Link to translation:

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