[Marxism] Breaking-Light-Speed l?

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Mon Sep 26 06:06:09 MDT 2011

It wasn't Tristan's fault for repeating a mistake from this guy's blog.
This person is a particle physicist but not an astronomer so he didn't
notice this obvious mistake:

At 16:58 25/09/11 -0500, Tristan Sloughter wrote:
>Supernova 1987a was a distance of 166,912 ± 10.1 light years [2] from Earth

No distance to another star (even the nearest) is known with such
precision! When he transcribed that number he lost the kilo- prefix! It
should have read: 167000 ± 10000 light years!

>There is no evidence to support that this is the case - as I mentioned the
>neutrinos were seen just 3 hours before SN1987a was seen by optical
This is correct. It wasn't SEEN by an optical telescope until 3 hours
later, and wasn't actually noticed by anyone for a day later. It doesn't
tell us exactly when the light did reach earth. All that is known is that
it was bright on 23 Feb. 1987 but was still dim on a plate made a day
earlier, 22 Feb. The exact time that it brightened as seen from earth is
thus not known with a precision much better than 1 day. The various visual
observations are reported here:

Anyway this 1 day uncertainty is small in relation to the 4 year predicted
discrepancy that would be consistent with the anomalous CERN result, as is
correctly calculated in this blog post. Unless you are Shane Mage who I
will deal with next......
- Jeff

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