[Marxism] "Militant" report on Eva Chertov memorial meeting

Tom Cod tomcod3 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 19:12:51 MDT 2011

Yeah, and I'd have to really question the veracity of the horror story
about "fraction minutes".  Sadly, this outfit has a long history of
lying personal attacks and contrived accusations against "opponents"
within the movement, only slightly less odious than that of the
Healyites.  I don't have a lot of experience with SA, but I do know
that Jeff Mackler and SA in the Bay Area has been playing a leading
role in the mass movement, unlike the SWP.  For example, when Geronimo
Pratt, a Black Panther who served decades in prison as a result of a
police-FBI frame up was released, a monster meeting of a couple
thousand people was held at Mission High School that I attended which
was chaired by Jeff Mackler of Socialist Action.   I don't remember
seeing the sectarian SWP there, although I'm sure they had a couple
people selling their paper there.   That its designated spokesperson
here would talk about their sub drive for their paper-whose results
are entirely unremarkable-as evidence of their political vibrancy in
relation to the rest of the Left is another telling sign of that once
promising group's sectarian ossification.

Yes, maybe too much time is spent whining by people on that ex-member
list, as ex-cultists are wont to do and I and others have sometimes
chided some of them about that.  For what it's worth, however,
everyone I know over there, cult victim recovery group or gossip shop
or whatever, is involved in political activity with brighter prospects
than this isolated and embittered cult.

So let's hear Socialist Action's response to this slander.

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