[Marxism] "Militant" report on Eva Chertov memorial meeting

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 19:19:26 MDT 2011

Jay wrote:

> It astounds me the amount of space spent by former SWPers telling us they
> no
> longer have an interest in the party. Happily, the party has zero time for
> them. 1000 new subs and renewals since
> June<http://www.themilitant.com/2011/7535/753504.html>for The Militant
> indicates the opportunities that exist for working class
> politics today. Why are no other groups making that kind of progress
> today? Especially if they are such scary cultists? One thing it isn't is
> "networking."

Jay, seriously...when all the group does in push subs (all year) and sell
books, this hardly constitutes 'opportunties for working class politics'.

Secondly, the SWP is recruiting *no one* and other groups are recruiting
quite nicely. ALL groups on the left generally, are still isolated from the
working class except in incidental areas as this is a reflection of the
overall *lack* of movement of the working class *as a class*. The SWP is
*more* isolated than most. Trying to suck something out of onews thumb is
why the SWP basically passes the same Political Resolution every few years,
photocopied from the original 1975 one.

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