[Marxism] "Militant" report on Eva Chertov memorial meeting

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 06:31:11 MDT 2011

To me, the whole "cult" label partakes of a kind of swearing at the SWP, and
I don't think that it's accurate or honest to refer to people who were
members at some point in the past as "ex-cultists."

The party of the 1970s had a myriad of serious, even fatal flaws, but it was
not a cult.  Nor have I been convinced that the SWP's become one since.
There's certainly lots of anecdotal evidence that individual adherents have
relied far too heavily for their sense of self on their identification with
the SWP, but some people have the same approach to the Forest Park Chess
Club or the Greater Cincinnati Star Trek Legion of Doom.  That doesn't
necessarily mean these things are cults . . . just that some of the members
have issues . . . .

In any case, is it really worth the expenditure of analytical effort trying
to define the character of what's become irrelevant?


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