[Marxism] Occupy America

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 06:49:18 MDT 2011

Absoloutely so, Gary . . . and I'm sure things will move there.  My purpose
is simply to underscore several obvious, related things Marxists should be
considering in these situations.

First, they are terribly small expressions of an outrage that is simply
overwhelming in the wider society.  What can we do to make them bigger?

Second, they are, as one might expect, largely expressions of outrage and
lack real political coherence.  We need to keep this very basic, mostly
emphasizing how the beneficiaries of the problem need to take responsibility
for it. .

And, finally, we need to keep something of a national focus before these
folks.  They are targeting local representatives of the Fortune 500 (at
least here), which runs the risk of minimizing what needs to be done.  We
will get nothing by appeal to individuals in power that they won't be able
to steal back from us at the first opportunity.  That is, we need to keep
pointing to the system of power.

Just a few observations.


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