[Marxism] Eustonites and Anti-Germans Smear Gilbert Achcar

Angelus Novus fuerdenkommunismus at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 30 09:43:25 MDT 2011

I realize some people aren't happy about what Achcar has written on Libya, however I think he can use a little bit of support and solidarity in another matter.

A website called "Engage Online" <www.engageonline.org.uk> which purports to be an "anti-racist" campaign intent upon fighting manifestations of anti-Semitism, but which seems more and more to be a front for Eustonite/"decent left" sort of politics, has published a "review" of Achcar's book "The Arabs and the Holocaust" by an Anti-German smear merchant by the name of Matthias Küntzel and some academic non-entity named Colin Meade (who is apparently Küntzel's English translator).

The original piece is here:


Achcar's response is here:


And Küntzel and Meade's further response here:


On the third thread, I attempted to point out Matthias Küntzel's unsavory political habitus in Germany.  In the English-speaking world, he likes to present himself as some sort of moderate policy wonk "expert" on the Islamic world, but in reality he's a hardcore "Anti-German" Muslim-hunter so typical of some parts of the "left" in Germany.  The Engage people accused me of ad hominem attack merely for pointing out whatkind of unsavory character this guy is, which makes me think it is less an honest attempt to deal with anti-Semitism than it is yet another attempt to instrumentalize the issue of anti-Semitism in order to police the bounds of discourse on the left concerning the topic of Israel.

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