[Marxism] The Nuts and Bolts of #OccupyWallStreet

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 30 12:19:08 MDT 2011

Tom said "This isn't how we might have done things forty years ago. And there are mistakes being made, no doubt. And furthermore, I doubt if this particular protest will have a direct positive effect in and of itself. But it reflects something important and historic, and as it spreads--to Washington in six days--it's changing the political climate in the U.S. for the better"

If the movement is indeed reflecting something important, is historic, and is changing the political climate, by definition it is having a direct, positive effect. If there is anything that revolutionary socialists should be doing it is what Louis has already called for "us" to do; Mobilize! This movement is growing sturdier by the moment; unions, Russell Simmons, "veteran" activists, celebrities all joining in. Every issue that exposes the rottenness of this system--War, Plunder, Repression of Democratic Rights, Attacks on the Oppressed; Women, Immigrants, the Environment, People of Color--Is the Reason for this Movement. We have much to learn, much to contribute, and, most important, much to do. The Truth is concrete--"mistakes" and all--and it is here Now.   From our Desks, From Our Wheelchairs, from the Streets, we will all be needed.

Good luck to all of us in the coming days and months. 		 	   		  

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