[Marxism] Gore Vidal 1925-2012

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Aug 1 07:05:04 MDT 2012

Here's Vidal from his memoir "Palimpsest" on running into Henry 
Kissinger at some kind of celebration for the American Academy at the 
Sistine Chapel hosted by the Angelli's, the Fiat industrialists.

"The Agnellis had taken over the newly restored Sistine Chapel for an
evening; then dinner for 150 in the Hall of the Statues, a brilliant
long room with statues in niches like front-line troops poised to
defend Olympus from the Titans.

"Among the crude Titans was Henry Kissinger. In the next few days he
and I attended a half-dozen functions together. I have no idea what
he was doing memorializing the American Academy; but the people who
give money for such causes have made something of a pet of him,
rather as they had made one of Truman Capote in an earlier time. I
could hear the ceaseless rumbling voice in every corner of the
chapel. The German accent is more pronounced in Europe than on
television at home. He has a brother who came to America when he did.
Recently, the brother was asked why he had no German accent but Henry
did. "Because," said the brother, "Henry never listens." As I left
him gazing thoughtfully at at the hell section of "The Last
Judgement" (as pretty and bright now as Tiepolo), I said to the lady
with me, "Look he's apartment hunting."

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