[Marxism] Shitty Counterpunch article on Syria

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Aug 1 10:30:38 MDT 2012

A typical Jihadist-baiting piece titled "The Left and Syria" appears here:


But the author was opposed to an end of the dictatorship as far back as 
April, 2011. I love his business about "undue persistence", just the 
sort of words that described Alexander Cockburn. How leftists in the USA 
like Jeff St. Clair, Yoshie Furuhashi, Richard Becker et al can become 
so authoritarian-minded when it comes to places like Syria or Libya 
boggles the imagination.


For their own good, the Syrians need to learn the right lessons from 
Tahrir Square. They have been right in imitating the show of defiance 
and sending a clear signal to the leadership. They should stop short of 
toppling a structure with no promise of a replacement even remotely more 
sympathetic to their cause. The people need to pressure Assad on genuine 
grievances he has accepted — unemployment, inflation, political 
repression, lack of democracy — and ensure steady pressure to advance on 
these demands. Undue persistence, especially if it collapses the 
government, will not benefit the people, only outside forces bent upon 
personal and political gain.

Damascus has played a pivotal role in maintaining (and shifting) 
regional equilibrium. Once again it stands at the centre of a regional 
paradigm shift where waves of anger may well overcome voice of reason 
advocating steady nerves and plunge the wider region into chaos. More 
than the petro sheikhdoms, guerilla-cum-political movements and 
superpower financed buffer states, heavy lies the head that wears the 
crown in Damascus.

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