[Marxism] Patrick Seale on Syria (Omar Hassan)

Omar Hassan sherrife at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 17:04:55 MDT 2012

Patrick Seale is the author of a biography of Hafez al-Assad that venerates
him as a unifier, a leftist moderniser, a women's rights activist, and an
enduring fighter against Israel and Western imperialism.  In his bio he
callously defends the Hama massacre as necessary to save the leftist,
anti-imperialist credentials of modern Syria.  He was also a close friend
of Assad snr. These ridiculous illusions explain why he opposes the

On the other hand, his book, if read with a bucket load of salt, is an
unmatched insight into the conditions surrounding the rise of the Assad snr
and the essentially pragmatic rationale for his domestic and foreign
policies in the context of a volatile period in middle eastern politics.
Highly recommended.

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