[Marxism] Father Paolo Dall'Oglio on Syria

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Fri Aug 3 06:56:28 MDT 2012


I heard this speaker in Victoria, BC on July 30th.
Two things stayed with me. 
One, was his approach to Russia.  Rather than simply denouncing Russia he was looking for a way to reassure them that their interests would not be compromised by the loss of the Assad government.  When he met with the Foreign Minister in Canada he asked Canada to carry out diplomacy to this end.

He also had an extensive knowledge of the religious and ethnic make-up of Syria.  There are Armenians in Syria and he traced some of the fear (of Muslim majority rule) among Christians in Syria to the slaughter of Armenians in Turkey in WWI.

He also said that there are Christians and Alawites in the opposition.

					ken h

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